Put your knowledge of Audio, Sound Design, and DAWs (Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X) to the test with these fun quizzes! Solidify your knowledge of various topics by watching my tutorial series. You can see all tutorial series and quizzes below.
All quizzes and tutorials are free to use. I also answer every single question from the community and often create tutorials and quizzes based on what has been asked. However, if you feel inclined to, you can tip me an amount of your choosing through PayPal, and it would go a long way in ensuring I can continue to make more tutorials & quizzes for you!

Take the automation quiz and fill in the gaps in your knowledge with related tutorials!


The Video Series formerly known as 1-minute tutorials!

RFRT is a YouTube tutorial series where I cover various Reaper-related topics daily! Each video is 2-6 minutes long and I go through topics like a bullet through the air! No nonsense, none of that "Hey Guys so today I was walking down the street and I realized..." crap! Just information!

 Every few tutorials I add some chit-chat at the end of the video, but the aim is for the information to be conveyed quickly! It's meant to be used as a reference for people needing a refresher on topics, or for beginner Reaper users looking for a quick way of finding the information they need!


Tutorials on Sound Editing & Design for Film, TV & Animation in Reaper!

In this weekly series, I teach you the A-Z of Sound Editing, Sound Design and Mixing for Films, TV Shows, Ads, Animation, and all other visual media!

 We start by breaking down the audio pipeline in Post-Production, and work through hotkeys, custom actions, and other Tips & Tricks for film sound work in Reaper!


Tutorials & Other videos for Bedroom Producers!

This series is for the bedroom producer! It's currently updated on a random basis, and not part of our regular programming, but a place where I put long-form videos covering topics of Recording, Mixing and Editing Audio aimed at those who make music at home and with Guerrilla Recording equipment!