FROG Wins Best Final Project!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

My first experience with Game Audio Design has been a massive success. Our Video Game FROG, for which I served as Audio Lead and SFX Designer managed to bag the Best Final Project award at the VFS Programming Awards!

With its open-world physics-based gameplay, dynamic sound, amazing music and stunning visuals, FROG has gone above and beyond what was thought possible for a student project of its caliber at VFS. FROG is the debut game for Team Primitive, and I am proud to have worked alongside fellow VFS Sound Designer and Music Composer Yusuke Konishi as part of the Audio team for the game.

Where to play

Click the image of the award above or go to the link below to download the game:

You will require a decent PC and a Controller to play the game. Watch the official Trailer for FROG Here:

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