Free Reaper MIDI Map files for Drum Plugins!

Updated: Jan 31

Hey folks! In this page you can download all MIDI Key Maps for Drum Plugins, Keyswitch instruments and so on. I will make this per viewer request and this post will be updated as we go. If you can't find the Keymap you're looking for, you can request them by commenting under this video with the name of the plugin/kit and they will be available here within a day! If you enjoy my tutorials and free downloads, please consider making a small donation to me here. REAPER Piano Roll Utilities REAPER's Piano roll by default, only shows you the notes C on each octave. If you want to see all note names, Download this file and import it into your MIDI Editor. This is what it looks like:

Download the txt file below. On your Piano Roll, right click above the keys, go to File>Load>Load CC Names and point to the file you just downloaded!

Download TXT • 866B

East West MIDI Maps Here are the MIDI Maps for Drum Kits and Keyswitch Instruments from the Play app by East West. You can buy these or get a Composer Cloud Subscription to access these awesome libraries. They are my go-to for Orchestral Instruments.

EW Ghostwriter - Drum Map
Download TXT • 846B
EW Pop Brass - Effects Map
Download TXT • 93B

EZDrummer2 Here are the MIDI Maps for the preset Drum Kits in EZDrummer. As you make your custom kits, simply edit this file to include your own drums, adding the MIDI Note Name if you need to.

EZDrummer2 - Drum Map
Download TXT • 572B

Addictive Drummer 2 Here are the MIDI Maps for Addictive Drummer 2. If you want to request these, please include the kit name, as they are very different from Kit to Kit. If you have made your own custom kits, my tutorial should show you all you need to make your own kit. Feel free to share your kit with me and I'll paste it here for others to use. Of course, you will be credited!

Addictive Drums 2 - Basic Kit
Download TXT • 1KB

Courtesy of NAD. Found here: Spitfire LABS If you don't know, LABS is a great free software instruments with tons of awesome sounds. There's also one free Drums Instrument which you can download, that sounds great but has quite a strange map (not GM compatible). Find its Map below, and I'll any instrument they may add with Keyswitches or other drum presets as they become available:

Spitfire LABS - Drum Map
Download TXT • 376B

Here's the link to the video where I explain my process. Comment the name of any plugin under this video and I'll post the map here:

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