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 I'm Arya Afshar. I'm a professional musician, music producer, film composer and sound designer.

 In 2016, I got my bachelor's degree in Audio Production and 21st century music composition. While in school I worked as a music recordist in Istanbul. I also travelled with Film Director Metin Çetin to Kurdistan and recorded nomadic musicians and sing-along ceremonies, which got me into field recording.

 Assisting different sound engineers, producers and filmmakers and recording music and sound not only in the studio but out in the field and all kinds of sub-optimal environments tuned my ear far beyond what I thought was possible. Before I knew it, I was more in love with the idea of being the name behind music rather than the face of the music. I assisted in making a lot of records, sometimes without pay or proper credit, but finally got my first producer gig two year later, Recording, Co-Producing and Mastering the debut album for El-Salvadorian/British Via-Istanbul Punk Rock outfit Vostok-6.

In 2018 I left my life and career in Turkey to move to Canada, where I got my degree in sound design for visual media from Vancouver Film School with honours.

 Right out of school, I was asked to compose music for a film, and another offer came after that, and before I knew it, I was a film composer! I still hope to expand my video game audio resume, and hopefully will get to continue to work on films and music as well.

Throughout my colourful career, I've worked and gained extensive training and experience in various aspects of audio, including music editing, production and composition, Game audio design and implementation, and Sound design for films and animation, as well as got to experience the industry and the business side of things first-hand.
 I've collaborated with countless artists and worked with various teams to create all kinds of visual and audio media, and picked up awards and accolades along the way. I currently reside in Montreal, Canada, working as a freelance sound designer and content creator and continue to release music through my solo project. 

 I'm always on the lookout for new projects to work on, and possess a variety of skills that can help enhance every aspect of audio for visual media.

 Read my complete story in the bio page, check out my visual works in Showreel, or head to the music page to check out my music! If you want to work with me, contact me via social media or through the Booking page. Also check out my blog where I post a variety of content from technical to rants!


Through over 15 years of his trials and tribulations in 5 different countries, many great friends lost or taken away from us along the way, and friendships and relationships stretched and tested across the planet, the dude's stayed in perpetual dedication to materialize his formative dream of creating brain-tickling music; a dream that we birthed as little skate-rats in Tehran trying to play the bass intro to Schism and wallow in King Crimsonian melancholy, all the way to Sikth idolization in our late teenage and beyond.

Aryan Ashoori, Curator at Shivelight